Bburago Signature Ferrari 458 Speciale Diecast Model Car Review



Now that Bburago has the license to produce Ferrari models, we will begin to see more of the Bburago diecast models as the Hot Wheels models are out of production.  This is the Bburago Signature Ferrari 458 Speciale.  This review will discuss some of the production differences between the Bburago and Hot Wheels version of the same car.

The Bburago comes in a flimsy cardboard box. The model is packed in a clamshell  and screwed to the bottom one. There are no additional straps.

The Bburago model has great road presence. The paint is shiny and without orange peel effect, it is very smooth. The decals are placed precisely and consist of a twin black stripe with silver pinstripes. In combination with the dark red paint and black wheels, it looks the business. The Hot Wheels Elite is a brighter red with white/blue stripe. The decals of many Hot Wheels Elites were poorly placed. Gloss was good, but the paint was thin on several parts, causing the diecast metal to shine through on the edges.

Ride height seems realistic. The Hot Wheels Elite has a higher ride height. For anyone who wants to lower the Bburago, it has a full spring suspension. All panels close perfectly and gaps are small.  The movable parts of the diffuser are colored bright red.  The Hot Wheels Elite has the movable parts of the diffuser colored also.

The Bburago loses a few points to the Hot Wheels version on the front of the car. There is an awkward ridge in the grille. I have not seen that on pictures of real cars. The front lights fascia has the correct dark silver color, but lack sharpness. The front lights fascia of the Hot Wheels Elite are too light and on many cars damaged by a hot glue gun. The casting of the fascia and clear plastic on the Hot Wheels Elite is sharper.

Logos on both models are photo etched. The Bburago has no photoetched mesh, it’s all plastic imitation. The Bburago has side chin vanes that are actually open. From the front it looks great. 

Bburago has taken huge steps with the wheels, brakes and tires. There are some flash lines visible on the wheels, but the casting is fine, the brake discs have the correct color, the calipers are sharp and properly decaled. Thumbs up for the Bburago, the Hot Wheels Elite comes close but just misses out on details and sharpness. Tires are unmarked on both cars, and the Bburago ones have a bit too much tread.


458-2 458-3 458-4

Bburago has made giant leaps with the interior of the car. I am in shock and awe, it’s AUTOart quality. Stitching and flocking on the door cards and dashboard, decals, and a proper metal floor, amazing. Just too bad Bburago installed a normal black safety belt. Hot Wheels Elite has a nice looking safety harness, only spoiled by glue stains. The Bburago seats have a bit too much gloss, they should be Matt since it is fabric. Hot Wheels Elite is slightly better with the matting of the seats but loses big time with sloppy detailing and poor paintwork.

Obviously, and much criticized, is the lack of windows. I would like to add to that the fact that the doors have very heavy and brightly colored -thus visible- springs. They are heavy to open, have a limited opening angle and the hinges are obtrusive. In contrast, the Hot Wheels Elite has proper and easily opening doors with invisible hinges, but the interior is no match for Bburago.

Another leap by Bburago and a victory over Hot Wheels Elite. Better detailed, tiny decals, good looking carbon fibre and multiple layers with visible cam covers and plug leads. Wow, so beautiful. Just one problem, the hatch is very difficult to open, I used a pin to pry between the gap. It needed quite a bit of force on my model.

Both models have doglegs, but the Hot Wheels Elite has them in the corner so they are less noticeable. Bburago should fix this with their future models because it’s plain stupid. Also, no mesh on the Bburago. The Hot Wheels Elite has mesh beside the hatch window, but poorly glued. In contrast, the 430 Scud is perfect.

Bburago has delivered a strong contender with beautiful paintwork, decals, engine, interior and wheels/brakes. The open side chin vanes are a bold design feature but the resulting missing chunk disturbs the line of the nose. Also, the terrible dog legs and inferior tail and headlights spoil a bit of the fun. I would call it almost even, but the Bburago has a very competitive price of less than 60 euros and takes the win.

End verdict is a 8/10. It is a bright start for even better models to appear. Please Bburago get better lights and fix the hinges issue.

This Ferrari 458 and several others are available from our partners at


Sun Star 1963 Aston Martin DB5 1:18 Scale Diecast Model Car



In the 1960s, some of the most celebrated classics arrived in the US.  The Ford Mustang, Ferrari GTs, Jaguar E-Type, and of course, the Aston Martin DB5.  Handsome looks,  fast, yet still smooth and sophisticated, it was the peak of Aston Martin’s
golden age. Fifty years later, it remains the epitome of Aston Martin, familiar to everyone from the car collectors to the James Bond junkie.

In the diecast world,  we need a model of this Aston Martin DB5.  The best example to date is the 1:18 one by AUTOart, but they just stopped producing it.  The only current quality example in  1:18 scale, is the Sun Star version.  This diecast model car is available in four different colors (British Racing Green, Silver Grey, Blue, or Dark Red), with matching interiors.  Too bad they didn’t make a Skyfall version of the diecast with fold out machine guns.

The  exterior of the model does look sharp, with its well applied paintwork and detailed craftsmanship. The Aston Martin, DB5 and Superleggera badges are well rendered, as are the wire wheels, the head and tail lamps and the other exterior details.  The model also has a heavy feel to it that some associate with quality.

The DB5’s interior, is nice but not as well executed as the exterior.  There was a small glue mark on the dash and the carpet did not fully cover the proper panels.  Much of this is not readily visible, but it is worth noting.

The engine bay is excellent. The plastic used for the engine  is dense and good quality, and it is all nicely painted and presented.  The underside of the hood itself is painted in a matte black, and not just left as exposed metal.

As a package it is a very good model. It has minor blemishes, but is an attractive model that looks stunning  in the display case or on your desk.  Check out for availablilty.

Top Marques Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 1:18 Scale Resin Model Car

A beautiful renditions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is  now available for pre-order from Top Marques.   Top Marques is a sister brand of BBR and their models are of excellent quality and detail.  Production will be  limited to 250. The deep red really helps this model stand out.

The  aggressive and athletic styling of the 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT makes a statement both day and night.  Blackened bi-xenon headlamps look menacing by day, and a signature LED treatment announces the SRT model by night.  Inside the 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT is an amazing blend of fabric and hide, style and function that inspires confidence in every move you make.

jeeptop1 jeeptop2 jeeptop3

Maisto 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Khaki 1:18 Diecast Model Car

It seems that there is something about Jeeps that is very attractive.  It has classic rugged styling and off road ability, utility and is just cool.  There aren’t a lot of premium diecast models of late model Jeeps from brands like AutoArt, but Maisto does a great job with this one. The paint is smooth with minimal imperfection, and great shine.  The interior trim is nice,  and has enough detail to properly replicate the Limited model with the powerful  5.7 liter V8. The engine does not have a lot of detail but the real Jeep also has an engine cover that does not show much. The wheels and tires are nicely done, and are in the correct style.   This model is available from our partner for about $30.


Diecast 1:12 Ducati Monster 1200S Coming Soon from Maisto

The Ducati Monster is one of the best naked bikes in the world. The demand for the Ducati Monster has always been high and this diecast model will be no different.  The New Ducati Monster 1200S sports many  improvements that riders love. In the diecast world the collectors were eagerly waiting for some brand to launch this Monster 1200S.   Maisto is the first to get into the game and release a 1:12 scale Ducati Monster 1200S.  So we 1:12 bike collectors are excited to see it and other Ducati models will surely follow!

Maisto 1:12 Ducati Monster 1200S - Assembly Line

1:18 BMW M3 F80 Sedan To be Released in Fall 2015

The BMW M3 is always a contender among performance coupes. The Kyosho made 1:18 BMW M3 diecast models are  rare and they are being sold well above the  original price.  Fortunately a new brand GT Spirit has come into play. They have a lineup of cult BMW car like the BMW M3 GTS, BMW M3 E92 and even newer models such as the BMW M235i that impresses with its performance value.   These models are resin and have a sealed body, but to compensate they  come loaded with accurate details.  There will be 2000 of these models produced and they will sell for about $120.

  • GT Spirit 1:18 BMW M3 - Front
  • GT Spirit 1:18 BMW M3 - Front
  • This preproduction sample looks a little like a rough edged but  GT Spirit will make the final models look so good that they will seem real.
  • GT Spirit 1:18 BMW M3 - Rear 
  • GT Spirit 1:18 BMW M3 - Profile


Jada Toys 1:18 scale Lykan Hypersport Diecast Model Car

Jada Toys has created a diecast model of the Lykan Hypersport in 1:18 scale.  This is the car that jumped between or through multiple skyscrapers in the Fast and Furious 7  movie earlier this year.  They have posted some   pre-production photos of this upcoming model.  It is exciting to see that the model will have opening doors and compartments.  We hope it will be available in the red paint that was featured in the movie.

jada_118 scale Lykan Hypersport (1) jada_118 scale Lykan Hypersport (5)

jada_118 scale Lykan Hypersport (3) jada_118 scale Lykan Hypersport (4)